Starting from a simple party fun drink Megachelada Mix Micheladas came into the scene with a Bang! Established 2016 we began our venture in the delicious world of Micheladas. With the perfect blend of Salt, Lemons and topped with the refreshing taste of tomatos, spices and herbs, we knew we had something great going. As weeks and months passed we grew professionally and grew a dream, a vison to be the best tasting michelada in the Market. As of 2020 we proceed to love what we do and enjoy creating new products to keep our Michelada based products up to date! From Tamarindo Micheladas to Tasty Pineapple Chamoy dips Megachelada Mix Micheladas continues to suprise the world!

Que Vivan las Micheladas!


Cesar Alonzo born in Orange County and raised in Long Beach, Ca.

Tried his first michelada at the age of 17 in the City of Zamora, Michoacan M.X. Worked as a Roofer, Mobile car wash, and Handy Man but was always amazed about Micheladas and business. Winner of the Michelada Rumble Award Fresno event 2019. Creator of the 2oz Megachelada Mix Shot.